Our Story

The business-to-consumer relationship is a vital component of a business's success. These past 3 years have shown us just how fragile that relationship is. We witnesses business owners and freelancers who were unable to be in person, lose clients, struggle to find new customers, and struggle to deliver and get paid for their services. Marketplace apps seemed like the obvious solution but with more and more of these specialized apps emerging, consumers got overwhelmed by the number of apps on their phones and accounts needed for everyday tasks. For Owners, building an app on their own was no better. They often resorted to hiring third-party developers who used unenthusiastic designs and templates to deliver fast results at the cost of value to the consumer. Not anymore!

Introducing App’d, the world’s first Mobile Experience Platform for small business owners.

Owners get all of the benefits of a mobile app without any of the headaches. You can now manage your business from your pocket and get discovered by new customers who are motivated to support local businesses. Customers get an amazing mobile experience that is responsive to their needs and behaviors.

Join us in our movement to bring mobile experiences to the scrappiest businesses on the planet.