The privacy of App'd users and their information is extremely important to App'd and we take this matter very seriously. All users of App'd are covered by the following Privacy Policy.
App'd reserves the right to update this Privacy Policy. If required to do so, or it is in our best interest, App'd may release user information in compliance with law enforcement agencies.

In order to secure your personal information, all communications between you and App'd are secured. Therefore, other users will never be able to see private information. Moreover, App'd will never share your contact information with another user, unless requested to do so by you.

Persons under the age of 13 are prohibited from using App'd and any associated services. These individuals are therefore not authorized to submit any private information to the system and App'd accepts no liability for such actions.

App'd is an online service that allows professionals to connect and interact with one another. Users are represented on the app with personal profiles. You choose the information in your profile and therefore control what can be seen by other users. App'd must collect certain pieces of information in the normal course of its business and App'd retains the ownership rights to this information.

Primary Information Types
There are several primary types of information that are collected including Contact, Profile, and Internet information. Credit card information is also accepted for subscriptions fees and other services. App'd is in no way limited to the collection of only this type of information and may deem it necessary to collect other data. You will be notified if any changes are made to this policy via a posting on this website or in our app.

Contact Information
Upon registering as an App'd user, certain contact information such as your name, email address, and mailing address may be collected. This serves as an example and is not intended to be a complete list of information that may be collected at registration.

Following registration, App'd users will be prompted to complete a profile. Current users can also make changes to their own user profile. A user profile may contain, but is not limited to, you or your company name, a company description or your work experience, goals, and any items contained on a resume or executive summary. You should use good judgement about the information that you post in your profile since this can be viewed by the public depending on how your share your access. Your personal contact information CANNOT be viewed by the public unless you release this information. Addtionally, the information in your profile can be edited at your discretion at any time.

As part of our efforts to provide better services to App'd users, App'd collects certain information related to the Internet and your mobile device.

User Accounts
You may make changes to your App'd account and any associated preferences at any time. To make changes, you must log onto App'd and make any edits. You may also request to terminate your App'd.

System Generated Emails
As part of the normal functioning of App'd, users may receive emails from App'd. Additionally, App'd will send you system generated emails and promotional materials. These communications may begin during the registration process and continue while your account remains on App'd. If you wish to opt out of promotional emails, please contact us and specify your request. You can adjust the frequency of emails that you receive by making these changes in the Edit Profile section of your account. Affiliate and Partner Services
We use a third party to verify and process credit card information for any fees or purchases made on App'd. All third parties are required to use your information in a secure manner and only for the purpose given to them and cannot store or release this information. Certain profile information, including contact information, may be released to our affiliates and partners for the purpose of marketing and improving our service to you.